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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, black friday frenzy. shoppers are already finding deep discounts. >> this line is heck of a long but it's 80% off. >> see where to find the best deals. what experts say you need to know before hitting the stores. did flynn flip. the new sign that the former national security adviser michael flynn may be cooperating with prosecutors in the russia investigation. bomb plot arrest. a woman accused of sending explosives to politicians including former president obama. >> this is really textbook law enforcement forensic work. >> a strand of cat hair led investigators right to her. vaccine battle. workers fired for not getting a
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shot. >> we had some on the roof. >> you thought you were tired of turkey. see the american town under siege this morning. >> have a turkey flying at you like a 30-pound bird, it's kind of scary. a good morning to you all on this black friday a start for a critical time for retailers. >> there are many. 150 million expected to take part. the spending kicked off last night, of course. some major retailers opened their doors as early as 6:00 p.m. to try to get the sales rolling. >> the popular items, electronics. our coverage begins with abc's alex perez. >> reporter: the frenzy in full swing. with deal hunters rushing to get first dibs on this year's deepest discounts. >> how much did you save do you think? >> i don't know.
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probably $400, $500. >> reporter: shoppers expected to spend an average of $967 on holiday gifts this year leaving retailers clamoring for your holiday dollars. >> they have to offer you something real or you're not going to fall for it so the deals are there. art with morin 6,000 brick and mortar stores going out of business in 2017 alone many retailers are offering in-store only door busters to boost foot traffic. braving crowds at target will save you $400 off this 55-inch westinghouse smart tv. best buy has this laptop for $119 and macy's these ten in-steiff items free after mail-in rebates. don't wait too long. >> buy it when you see it. if it's a good price because retailers have pretty lean inventories. >> reporter: many are skipping the stores and shopping online.
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but there is a warning for those online shoppers. many retail websites are being spoofed so make sure you have the right site before handing over your credit card information. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> all right, our thanks to alex. later in "the pulse," the best deals we found for black friday and apps that can save you more money. we have breaking news overnight. the search for three missing navy sailors has been called off. those sailors were on a navy plane that crashed wednesday in the pacific earlier this week north of the philippines. of the 11 on board 8 were rescued immediately in good condition. the remaining three are being described as wherethe abouts unknown. the third deadly incident since june involving the navy's pacific fleet. now learning the missing argentine submarine with 44 people on board may have suffered an explosion. argentina's navy says the apparent blast was detected hours after it lost contact with the "ara san juan" was week and left relatives of the crew in tears. search efforts will continue
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until that sub's fate is determined. senator al franken is addressing sexual harassment allegations in a new statement. >> he says he feels terribly that he could make women feel so badly. he's now planning to address the media for the first time on sunday. >> abc's stephanie ramos joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest on all of these scandals. stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and diane, sexual harassment claims have been running wild on capitol hill. you guys know this. we've been talking about it all week. some women who came forward said this bad behavior by members is nothing new. accusations of sexual misconduct are shaking up capitol hill. senator al franken responding to new allegations after two more women say he sexually violated them by grabbing their back sides at political events a decade ago. franken still catching heat for this photo of him apparently groping a woman. in a thanksgiving day statement, franken apologized for his actions and said in some of those encounters i crossed the line for some women and i know
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that any number is too many. multiple women have come forward claiming franken sexually harassed them. >> al franken pulled me in towards him and put his hand on my rear. >> reporter: the numbers of allegations against him stands at four. franken's statement on the heels of another scandal involving longtime congressman john conyers. a third woman now accusing him of misconduct. including melanie sloan, a high-profile washington lawyer who says she was harassed and verbally abused when she worked for conyers in the '90s. sloan tells abc news during her time working for the judiciary committee, the michigan lawmaker was increasingly abusive to her and often berated her loudly in public. >> people shrug off members' misconduct on capitol hill. the kind of abuse i suffered at congressman conyers' hands was awful but i won't say that it's unique. >> reporter: conyers isn't stepping down. his lawyer says in a statement that is not going to happen.
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and that if people were required to resign over allegations a lot of people would be out of work in this country including the president. andconyers isn't the only lawmaker caught up in scandal. joe barton is apologizing for photos released by an ex-girlfriend he says retaliating against him. >> he may be a victim of revenge porn in all of this. >> something else that's not scandalous or not a secretary scandal. lawyers representing michael flynn have reportedly cut ties with the president's legal team. "the new york times" was first to report flynn's attorneys say they've stopped sharing information about the russia probe. according to "the times" the move could mean flynn is cooperating with special counsel robert mueller but it's not proof. president trump spent part of the thanksgiving day delivering a message to u.s. troops in a teleconference address from
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mar-a-lago in florida, he paid tribute to those deployed overseas as well as himself for recent military achievements. >> hello, everybody. we're being talked about again as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to wing. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. they were letting you play even. we're letting you win. >> later on the president and mrs. trump visited a south florida coast guard station and served a holiday lunch to the men and women on duty. he also praised their rescue and recovery efforts during the recent hurricanes. time now for a look at your weather this morning. well, the warm weather will stick around on the west coast today. the beaches were packed on thanksgiving day and record-breaking heat. thermometer hit 91 at l.a.x. shattering the previous record of 84 set in 1990. records were also broken in newport beach and long beach.
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it'll be slightly cooler in the southern california area today with temperatures in the low 80s, 85 in phoenix. 50s in the pacific northwest. 55 in chicago. it's warm a bit in new york at 50 and 62 in atlanta. still ahead the back scene battle that cost 50 hospital employees their jobs. the mom who rescued herself and toddler son after crash nothing a pond. what she did that every driver should now. an update this morning on the homeless veteran who is getting a big payback after helping a woman who ran out of gas. see how much that go fund me page is now up to and what his friends back home have to say about him.
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we have breaking news from east texas where a state trooper has been shot and killed during a traffic stop. investigators say the trooper pulled the driver over for a traffic violation in free stone county and when he walked back to his patrol car, that suspect opened fire killing the trooper. the gunman then took off but hours later police say they tracked him down and took him into custody and faces capital murder charges. in memphis a fedex employee has died from a work-related accident. the woman was part of a team loading and unloading cargo from a boeing 777. authorities say she was found under a conveyer belt system. an investigation is now under way. but this is the third time in less than four years a worker has died at that fedex memphis hub. a pregnant mother and her toddler are alive after breaking out of their sinking car. heather vaden says a dog ran in front of her suv and swerves and
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crashed into a pond and the suv was sinking and had to think quickly. she had to search for something to break the glass. >> i was like, looking for anything possible that i could break it with. nothing so i just kept kicking the window and finally it broke out. >> well then swam 30 feet with a broken arm while holding her son. her husband drive by saw her car and jumped into the frigid water to rescue her. she was able to flag him down to say they were already on dry land. >> just such an unbelievable story. all right, when we come back, a woman accused of sending an explosive device to former president obama and others. the clue that her cat left behind that led to her arrest. the high school teacher who is under arrest. what they are students caught her doing in the classroom. a tyt not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best.
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♪ ♪ la vie est belle l'eclat the new fragrance lancôme now available at macy's, your fragrance destination. this i can do, easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! pain from a headache whcan make this...ld, ...feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®. a texas woman is in jail accused of a stunning plot to
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try to kill then president obama. julia poff faces multiple charges and allegedly sent mail bombs to greg abbott, the white house and the social security administration. investigators say cat hair on the package sent to the former president helped break the case. >> this is really textbook law enforcement forensic work. pulling up hairs and fibers, anything that could be traced back to the suspect. in this case they found cat hair they could microscopically match up with the defendant's cat. >> now, prosecutors say governor abbott was the only alleged target to open his package but it did not go off. poff is it a former fireworks worker. her trial starts in january. dozens of medical workers fighting to get their jobs back after being fired for refusing flu shots. essentia health gave them until last monday to get their flu
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shots. more than 50 workers were fired. some refused to get the shots. saying they were worried about side effects. two unions now challenging their terminations. the company says it was trying to protect patients. an indiana high school teacher under arrest after her students say they caught her on camera doing drugs. the video shows the high school english teacher apparently cutting up a white powdery substance and leaning over it. all this happening in a classroom. 24-year-old samantha cox was arrested after the students alerted the staff. investigators say they believe the teacher had a mixture of cocaine and heroin. turkeys were seen on more than just the dinner tables. residents of lafayette said the wild birds have filled their backyards, driveways even on the roads. some folks in the bay area town say they've even been attacked by the big birds. >> we've had some like on the roof fly right over your head and to have a turkey flying at
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you, like a 30-pound bird, you know, it's kind of scary. >> well, a lot of wildlife officials feel they're heading to more populated areas. hills are dry because of drought over the past few years. time for sports. a full slate of college football is on the menu for today after, of course, the nfl on thanksgiving. >> we get those highlights from espn. well, did you gobble till you wobbled? i hope you did. if you didn't do that you certainly caught up on football. >> absolutely. three nfl games all on thanksgiving day including the traditional game in dallas, chargers, there to take on the cowboys. l.a. playing on thanksgiving for the first time since 1969. philip rivers, tyron williams. 27-yard touchdown. williams' high pointed the ball, gets in. rivers, 434 yards through the air and daca prescott trying to hook up to cole beasley instead
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to desmond king and takes it 90 yards for a touchdown. picked off later by casey hayward. five picks in the last two games for prescott, cowboys lose their third in a row and they haven't been close. >> mississippi state welcoming ole miss, the egg bowl. this is not good. midfirst mississippi state down 7-0. nick fitzgerald getting tangled up in a tackle. it was a serious leg injury. they carted him off. he did come back to the surveillance though in the second on crutches. still not great. caught, d.j. metcalf, going to score from 63 yards out. i disagree entirely with the way he celebrates for his touchdown. ole miss goes on to win the egg bowl. 31-28. turkey, you get the pie and you
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get the egg. >> vikings also winners in addition to the redskins. that's it. hope you had a happy thanksgiving. back to you. >> thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," more proof another royal announcement involving prince harry is likely coming any day. >> very specific. plus, a minnesota vikings player uses his big moment during the game to unveil something about his personal life. mean i knew they weren't ow. i perfect, but, ugh. oh well, all hope is lost! oh thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. they work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. hey, nice smile! thanks! i crushed the tissue test! yeah you did! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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♪ okay, time for your friday "pulse quart starting, of course, with black friday. >> here are the best deals we have seen so far. best buy is selling a 50-inch 4k smart tv for $180. that's more than $300 off. >> not bad at all. walmart is giving a $300 gift card with the purchase of an
4:22 am
iphone x, iphone 8 or iphone 8plus. >> the macbook air for $877, $120 off. >> apps that save you more money. e-bates puts money into your pay pal account when you make a purchase through the app and flipp puts all your local circulars in one place. remember circular. >> so you don't have to actually flip through them anymore? >> yes, yes. >> here's the coupon. hold on, let me kline that out for you. >> boom. the black friday tradition has really caught on. it's made its way to the uk with stores rolling out discounts as well today but things are calmer over there. >> watch this. this the big moment the employees open the doors on black friday and one customer walks through the door. >> he doesn't rush -- you're going to get a big screen tv. >> he didn't have to practice his elbowing skills. >> no. >> that's, yeah, little
4:23 am
different than here in the u.s. >> it's a lot more calm. >> well, thursday by the way wasn't all about shopping or turkey. it's also a big day for dogs. >> dozens of breeds strutted their little stuff at the national dog show in philadelphia. this year's top breed is a brussels griffon named newton who conquered the toy group who took best in show honors. >> he is also being called a celebrity look-alike because they say he looks like a four-legged version of chewbacca from "star wars." >> i would say. >> uh-huh. i can't do it so i'm not even trying. bookies in the uk are all abuzz this morning about the possibility of prince harry and whether he has proposed to the american actress meghan markle. >> the speculation is so rampant the british betting company ladbroke's has been shut down for the betting on any aspect of
4:24 am
how and when tit is announced. the bbc is preparing for a quote imminent announcement. >> the prince has been dating markle since last summer. she recently retired from her starring role in the legal drama "suits". >> and she was getting set to move in with him as well. the nfl's turkey day triple header had this crowd source request. >> minnesota's everson griffin pulled up his shirt to reveal the message i just had a baby boy. what should we name him. >> kendis, obviously. >> yeah. ♪ that moment when who you're going with is more important than where you're going. wherever life takes us, we go together. interwoven... ...exclusively at kay, jared and zales.
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it is going to be a cool start. we are expecting a bit of a warm-up as the day goes on. meteorologist david murphy has more on the day and the kwebd. a quick moving fire damaged two homes. firefighters actually had to pull back. all ahead next up on action news. homeless man who spent his last $20 to help her. >> kate mcclure started raising money for johnny bobbit. that page has now ballooned to
4:28 am
more than $250,000. abc's erielle reshef has the latest. >> reporter: when kate mcclure's car ran out of gas in the middle of the night on a philadelphia interstate a stranger came to her rescue. 34-year-old johnny bobbit jr. >> he said don't worry about it. i got you then he came back with a gas can and put gas in my tank. >> reporter: she'd learn johnny was a veteran, a former paramedic who fell on hard times. he'd spent his last $20 so kate could fill up and get home. that random act of kindness so moving kate set up a go fund me page to help johnny get back on his feet. >> y'all did all that? that is awesome. >> reporter: kate and her boyfriend mark surprising him with the news. >> a lot of people out there trying to help. >> a lot. >> yeah. >> reporter: johnny grateful. >> that changes my life right there. >> reporter: but what happened next floored them all. thousands of strangers began chipping in writing in from all over the world. >> it's unbelievable.
4:29 am
it's crazy how many people have seen it and shared it. >> reporter: that go fund me page raising more than $250,000. this thanksgiving, johnny off the streets and planning to get recertified as a paramedic. kate and mark plan to use the rest of that money to help others like johnny. >> don't judge a book by its cover. i can see us friends being friends forever. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> such an incredible story and johnny now says he wants to pay that forward and use some of that money to help other people in the homeless commute. >> the update on where the total is, just under $289,000. i'm sure it will go up throughout the weekend. >> when they were at 1700 he said that's a life-changing amount of money. that changes my life. now almost at $300,000. >> not bad. well, that's what's making news in america this morning friday. >> do stay with us more
4:30 am
good morning. it is friday november 24th. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is here. a fire leaves a home damaged. >> shoppers rise before the sun. bob brooks has a look at the crowds. >> also why you want to make that trip to your local christmas tree lot sooner rather than later if you want a real tree as part of your holiday decorations. let's go over to david


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